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CIM 777 Pressure Independent Control Balancing Valve

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Balancing valves  Cim 777 are designed for automatic balancing of heating and cooling installations, regardless pressure fluctuations under service, which might occur due to flow rate changes in the installation. 
Thanks to their unique design, these valves are able to perform the following functions:

  • REGULATION: selection of required flow rate within the operating range.
  • CONTROL: constant flow rate independent of pressure fluctuations.
  • MODULATION: “Full authority” flow rate modulation for temperature control
Automatic balancing valves Cim 777 are made of “CR – Corrosion Resistant” brass according
to ISO 228 standard and are suitable for working pressure up to 25 bar, within the temperature range from
0°C up to +120°C.  

Cim 777 ranges are available with two pressure levels: 
  • “Low Flow”: from 78 l/h up to 1722 l/h;
  • “High Flow”: from 244 l/h up to 8586 l/h. 
They are available in sizes from DN15 up to DN50 (up to DN25 for “Low Flow” version only) and work properly within a differential pressure operating range between minimum values as specified in “Graphs and Tables” section of this brochure, and the maximum value of 400 KPa. 

The main features of balancing valves Cim 777 are the following: 
  • Easy required flow rate selection using presetting dial.
  • Automatic balancing in the event of fluctuating pressure conditions in system branches.
  • Flow rate modulation along the whole electric actuator stroke.
  • Flexibility if the system is modified after the first installation.
  • Reduction of balancing costs, improved energy saving and high environmental comfort.
  • Easy flushing procedure thanks to quick and simple removal of differential pressure control cartridge placed inside valve body.
  • Reduced installation dimensions thanks to compact valve construction, which does not require inlet and outlet straight pipelines to stabilize the flow


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