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Model No.
Inlet Connec- tions Outlet Connec• tions Mean Delivery Pressure Mean Flow Rate
Kg/cm2 psig kg/hr lbs/hr
ACM-3 M.E.C.V. M.E.C.V. 1.05 15 26.0 57.0

The Auto Changeover Manifold is a device to ensure continuous gas delivery switching from the service cylinder bank to reserve cylinder bank automatically when the service cylinder bank is exhausted, it is also a first stage pressure regulator. An indicator is provided with service and reserve markings in green and red colours respectively.Initially both the gas cylinder banks will be full. The supply of gas will be taken only from the service bank ensuring no gas supply comes from the reserve bank.As soon as the needle of the indicator reaches the red zone, the supply of gas will start from the reserve bank indicating that the original service bank now acting as a reserve bank is exhausted and needs replacement, in this way the Changeover will take place automatically and an uninterrupted gas supply is ensured.When the fresh supply of full gas cylinders is fitted to the exhausted bank, rotate the flap of the 'Automatic Changeover Manifold so that the direction of the arrow points towards the current supply bank which is the opposite bank to which the new cylinders have been installed.This makes what was the reserve bank, the service bank and the gas will flow through the system until the cylinders in that bank are exhausted.The process is then repeated for the next change over operation by the Auto Changeover Manifold.


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